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The Right Way to Promote Your Listings On Facebook!

Last October  Jimmy Mackin’s webinar taught us how to get real results from Facebook.  Here is one of his great tips.

The Wrong Way to Promote your Listings
Don’t syndicate your listings. Example
Don’t randomly invite people to open house.
Don’t just share links.

The Right Way
Tell a story with your posts and images.  Example
You can also have some fun by making a game out of it. Example

The key takeaways:
1. Highlighting interesting features
2. Tell a story
3. Use beautiful photos to spark conversation
4. Avoid Brand Talk

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Joe Sesso’s Top 13 Apps for 2013’s  mobile maestro Joe Sesso has once again compiled a list of the top 10 iPad/iPhone and Android Apps every real estate agent should be using…only this year he’s added 3 more. A good omen for 2013!

Here ‘s Joe live at NAR Expo explaining what each app does and why you need it:

Joe Sesso ‘s Top 13 Apps for Real Estate in 2013

. 1. Mortgage Calculator$ App (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
Make a calculated real estate search!
. 2. beamr (iPhone/iPad only)
Create a glossy listings online magazine  in minutes.
. 3. Evernote App (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
One account, many devices…
. 4. Genius Scan (iPhone/iPad Android)
Turns your device into a pocket scanner.
. 5. SocialCam (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
Easy video capturing and sharing.
. 6. SnapSeed (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
Fun high-quality photo editor.
. 7. DocuSign (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
The number 1 electronic signature app, likely coming to an MLS near you soon.
. 8. Real Estate App (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
Easy to use property search of over 4 million homes and rentals.
. 9. CardMunch (iPhone/iPad only)
LinkedIn app turns business cards into contacts.
. 10. CloudOn (iPhone/iPadAndroid)
Brings MS Office to your device, with easy sync to Google Drive or Dropbox.
. 11. AwayFind (iPhone/iPad Android)
Never miss an important incoming email again!
. 12. Brewster Address Book (iPhone/iPad only)
Merge contacts from iPhone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, FourSquare  and Twitter.
. 13. Postagram (iPhone/iPad Android)
Turn Instagram and Facebook photos into postcards.

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Build a Business Plan for 2013 with Michael Maher & Jack Cotton + FREE GIFTS!

The end of the year is fast approaching, so now’s a perfect time to begin to reassess your business strategy for 2013. A New Year means a fresh start to your real estate business and Jack Cotton and Michael Maher know both the right and wrong ways to get you there.

Join us this Wednesday at 1PM Eastern for a FREE webinar with Michael and Jack — “The 13 Deadly Business Planning Mistakes: Two of Today’s Top Agents Show You How to Succeed in 2013″.

In this webinar, Jack and Michael will teach you:

  • How to run your real estate practice like a business.
  • The key elements to include in your business plan.
  • “Deadly” mistakes to avoid when constructing your business plan.
  • Much more.

As an added bonus, all webinar attendees will receive two free gifts from Jack and Michael! There is a limited supply on these gifts, so be sure to register and claim your spot today. To sign up, click here.

See you on Wednesday!

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Secrets Welcomes RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly for FREE!

At Secrets of Top Selling Agents, we pride ourselves in getting you access to the best of the best in real estate. This month, in a little less than a week, we’re doing it again!

We are pleased to welcome RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly!

Join us on Wednesday, October 24th at 1PM Eastern for “New Demographics Promote Housing Recovery: Investors, First Timers, and Foreign Buyers Lead the Way” with Margaret Kelly.

We’ve been speculating an uptick in the housing market and Margaret Kelly says we’re right! The economy is looking up and so is our marketplace, and Margaret will tell us why.

In this webinar, she’ll also explain:

  • why the housing turnaround is for real.
  • what factors will ensure continuing growth.
  • what the new real estate marketplace will look like.
  • how YOU can be successful then and in the meantime!

Space for this webinar is EXTREMELY limited. Claim your FREE spot today by clicking here.

See you Wednesday!

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Leigh Brown May 2012

Real & Powerful Buyer/Seller Scripts & Dialogues for TODAY’S Market:
Educating Our Clients

? click PLAY button above. (Problem viewing in FireFox?…click here.)

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Jimmy Mackin’s Facebook Cheat Sheet

Last month, we had the privilege of hosting a webinar with Facebook know-it-all Jimmy Mackin. We had an overwhelming attendance rate and so many of you have been asking where you can download Jimmy’s cheat sheet.

Well, look no further! We’ve got it right HERE!

To download Jimmy’s Facebook cheat sheet, click here. And, don’t forget you can always brush up on your Facebook skills by viewing Jimmy’s webinar anytime. Click here to watch the recording!

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Bob Berg September 2012

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success
You cannot control “The” Economy but you can absolutely control “Your” economy.

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Jimmy Mackin August 2012

Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet
Do Facebook right!’s Jimmy Mackin shares his top 10 Facebook marketing tips.

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Facebook Cheat Sheet – Jimmy Mackin


Jimmy Mackin will be hosting a FREE webinar August 22nd at 1 pm EDT and then chatting LIVE on our Facebook page, here, following the webinar at 2:30 EDT.  Want to see what one of our past Facebook chats looked like? Micheal Maher and Todd Duncan hosted a webinar with us last month discussing the Top 10 Sales Secrets and how to be the next Sales Master, Maher joined us for a LIVE Q&A on our Facebook Page, here.

Mackin will be sharing his Top 10 Facebook Marketing tips that can help make the most out of your Facebook and brand online!

Jimmy Mackin is the co-founder and Chief Frugylist of, real estate’s first crowd-sourced-and-vetted group-buying and tech support community. Jimmy has toured the country as part of Inman News’ Agent Reboot Tour, speaking on the topics of Social Media and real estate, and is now beginning his second year as a fixture on that speaking circuit. He is also a featured contributor for Inman NEXT, one of the most widely read real estate and technology blogs in America. We are very excited to see all of you back next week!

Space is limited and you can save your spot today, at no cost, here.

New to Secrets? Watch some of our archived webinars here, from top industry leaders like Barbara Corcoran, Sue Adler, Brad Korn and so many more!

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Todd Duncan and Michael Maher July 2012

A Taste of Sales Mastery
The Top 10 Hot Sales Secrets of Today’s Masters

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